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Zao Organic Multi-purpose Eye, Lip and Eyebrow Pencils

  • £995

A revolutionary new range of makeup pencils for eyes, lips and eyebrows. Intense and deep colours to highlight your eyes, contour your lips and shape your brows. With a soft velvety texture and long wearing capability, these affordable multi-tasking beauties really are worth every penny. Certified organic formulas that respect your skin and are specially formulated for sensitive eyes and skin (suitable for contact lens wearers).

Eyeliner and Lipliner Pencils Zao UK

Multi Purpose Eye Lip and Eyebrow Pencil Hattie & Hugh

Lip and Eye Pencils Zao UK Organic at Hattie & Hugh

The Eye Pencil can be used on the water-line to give the appearance of thicker lashes. Applying eyeliner tightly to the whole lash line will make eyes look smaller. Lining the eye outside of the lash line will make eyes appear larger and adding a wing or feline flick will elongate the eye (remember to fill in the lash line to avoid a gap between the liner and your lash). Apply eye pencil before eye shadow to set your makeup. 

Apply the Eyebrow Pencil in short 'flicking' motions (to imitate hairs), filling in any gaps, then brush through for a natural looking fuller brow. Fill in the whole brow for a dramatic brow look. 

Use the Lip Liner over the entire lip or just to the outline to extend the wear of your lipstick, gloss or polish. 

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