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Mia & Dom Organic Morning Sickness Balm 30ml

  • £699

A unique formulation which may help ease the dreaded “morning” sickness. The subtle fragrance of mint and ginger make this clever little balm a handbag must for all pregnant women. 30ml.

It is one of the first things newly pregnant women dread, that awful feeling of nausea, which takes place anytime of the day but is known as morning sickness.

Rub this rub under your nose or onto your temples, or lips if you prefer. The aromas of ginger and spearmint, two well known anti-nausea essential oils will help to ease the nausea whenever needed.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond seed oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Spearmint leaf oil, Ginger root oil.

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