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Zao Organic Makeup

Revolutionary eco-luxury organic makeup made from 100% natural ingredients.

Certified organic, non-toxic, cruelty free, gluten-free and vegan. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin and eyes and formulated to be suitable for contact lens wearers. 

Make-up that looks and feels as good as any high-end brand but is kind to your skin and to the planet.

If you have been looking to switch to clean makeup or if your current makeup irritates your skin this is for you!

Zao UK Organic 100% Natural Makeup at Hattie & Hugh    

With over 10 years experience in organic cosmetics David Reccole, Founder of French brand Zao, has created natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients and sustainable bamboo packaging. 

The packaging was inspired by a gift David received from a Taiwanese friend- a pretty bamboo pen and pencil set. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, bamboo has a high level of silica which is beneficial for skin elasticity.

The unusual name is combination of Zen and Tao. In Asian philosophies, Zen Buddhism and Taoism are ways of observing nature.

Zao creates 100% natural formulas enriched with active organic ingredients to enhance your skin's natural beauty. Certified organic by Ecocert, this brand is free from all toxic chemicals including parabens, instead using micronised silver as a preservative. Luminous colours and textures combine comfort and long lasting hold. Innovative products presented in and containing a modern and botanical material: bamboo. Using bamboo means Zao products have a negative carbon footprint as a carbon storage material. 

- remineralising : bamboo stem powder and its high silica level (75%) necessary for skin elasticity
- antibacterial : micro silver as natural preservative for the product and antiseptic for the skin
- anti-radical : ginkgo biloba leaf extract, aloe vera, carnauba wax, pomegranate butter, shea butter, all efficient against free radicals thanks to their essential fatty acid.