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Urban Veda Soothing Skincare

sensitive | pitta

Gentle skin-clarifying Ayurvedic infusions support skin's hydration levels and preserve natural moisture balance, while harmonising therapeutic botanicals fight fatigue, dehydration and stress.

Pitta is ruled by the element fire. Generally disciplined and logical, this 'heat' frequently manifests as ambition, Pitta types are born leaders, managing and controlling their energy strategically. When in a state of balance, Pitta types have positive attributes such as charisma, focus, intelligence, a quick wit and contentment, but when out of balance, excess Pitta can accumulate as irritability, a 'hot' temper and unprovoked bouts of aggression.

Pitta skin tends to be fair and sensitive, and the heat that Pitta can generate in the body is generally indicated by moles, rosacea, rashes, acne and a tendency to burn in the sun easily. Pitta skin needs cooling and nurturing and a soothing skincare regime.

When suffering from emotional stress, we advocate following a Pitta skincare routine. Try to select essential oils that are febrifuge (fever-reducing) and anti-inflammatory, such as Bergamot or Rosemary. To create an unwinding and relaxing massage oil, add Pitta oils such as Sandalwood, Chamomile, Coriander, Lime, Peppermint and Yarrow to carrier oils such as Olive, Sunflower or Coconut oil.

Balancing Pitta requires consuming and using products that counteract the fire element and the tendency to overheat. Sour, salty and spicy foods, such as Chilli and Garlic, should be avoided by Pitta types, and instead sweet, bitter and astringent foods should be consumed, especially cold fruits and vegetables such as cherries, cucumbers, watermelon and avocados.