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Cleaner, greener beauty

Posted by Harriet Shackleton on

Want a cleaner, greener beauty routine but not sure where to start? Let us inspire you!

At Hattie & Hugh we understand that cleaning out your beauty cabinet can be a costly and confusing process. Your health is so important and many people wrongly assume that because a product is stocked in a supermarket, pharmacy or high end shop, it is safe and of good quality. In the UK and Europe we do have some regulation but we have a long way to go. The fact is that no-one knows what the accumulative effect of every product you use over a lifetime is.

Follow our simple steps to a cleaner, greener you!

1. Check the labels. Go through your existing beauty supplies and check the ingredients lists. If you find any of these substances it may be worth considering ditching it for a healthier alternative. 

2. Take your time. It can take a long time to completely switch to clean beauty products so take your time to find products that work for you. Test samples and find brands that cater to your skin/ hair type.

3. Check the use by date. Many beauty products will not have an expiry date but they may have a small icon with 12m or 6m on the label. The danger with expired creams and gels isn't just that they may be less effective, but they may also cause irritation and possible bacterial infection. If you can't remember when you bought something, or it has changed in smell or texture, trust your nose and throw it out- recycle the packaging of course. 

4. Don't believe the hype! 'Natural' is a term widely used in the beauty industry, the only way to be sure is to read the label. Products based on nasty ingredients such as petroleum jelly are very cheap to produce, so a natural alternative such as shea butter may cost a bit more but could be worth the switch. We have products in a range of prices so you don't need to spend a fortune just to avoid toxic cosmetic ingredients. 

5. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. SO cost effective, useful and multi-functional. Always keep some on hand. 

6. Get advice. Ask us for help if you have a particular beauty concern or a product that you love that you would like to replace. We work hard to find brands who produce better, more effective alternatives to toxic-chemical filled products. Check out what our customers are loving to start on you on your path to natural beauty....

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