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Scare stories about beauty products...fact or fiction?

Posted by Harriet Shackleton on

Alamy Photograph from The Guardian

After a jury in Missouri ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $72m to the family of Jacqueline Fox, a woman who died of ovarian cancer at age 62, a lot of people are quite rightly concerned about which products are safe to use. Madeleine Somerville gives some good advice in today's Guardian. It is very scary to think that some big companies knowingly put their customers health at risk for the sake of making a profit. 

Whether you like to make your own products or you enjoy buying all the latest beauty must-haves, I think beauty should be a simple pleasure, so don't be put off. 

At Hattie & Hugh we read the labels for you and we decode all the jargon to make sure 'natural' really does mean non-toxic and not harmful to the health of humans or animals. 

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