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8 steps to a winter glow

Posted by Harriet Shackleton on

Unless you are lucky enough to live in warmer climbs you may be feeling a little bit fed up of the winter weather here in the UK. The cold, wind and rain can play havoc with your skin and the lovely natural glow we have from being outdoors during the summer months (er, month) seems a distant memory. 

As a 'summer person' who is always cold, I have developed a few winter survival tactics. Everyone is different but whether you are studying, working, a parent, a carer or all of the above, everyone needs to take a little time to look after themselves. Here are my suggestions. Do one, two or preferably all of these things: 

1. Eat well. This is the most important thing you can do to keep healthy and happy during winter. Make soups, stews, risottos, pasta sauces and winter salads packed full of veggies. The wonderful Nigel Slater explains the importance of eating well better than I ever could. 

2. Get cosy. Embrace winter. Light candles, get cosy throws and cushions, have a lovely scented bath, make some comfort food and settle in for a cosy night. This works equally well whether you live with lots of people or by yourself, in fact, if you can get a night to yourself, so much the better. We love: The Little House in TownPotch and So Cosy for ethical homeware. 

3. Go outdoors. Make sure you are well wrapped up, in waterproofs if it looks like rain and head outside. My perfect scenario is this: a long walk somewhere scenic (beach, woods, local park etc) ending up with a pub lunch. Whatever works for you.

4. Exfoliate and Moisturise. Exfoliate your face and body once a week. Moisturise your face morning and night, after cleansing, and moisturise your whole body after showering. Add a face serum, oil or balm when you need more hydration. 

5. Book a holiday. If you can't jet off for some winter sun, just knowing when your next holiday is is, even if it's just booking a few days off work in spring or summer to spend time enjoying your home town or city, will give you some R&R time to look forward to. 

6. Time with friends. Whatever you like to do with your friends contact them and arrange it. Book an afternoon tea, a few drinks, a meal out or even just pop around to see someone for an hour. I guarantee a laugh and catching up with the people who know you best will take you out of yourself and cheer you right up. Groupon or have some good deals for afternoon tea. 

7. Crafting/ hobbies. Full disclaimer; I am not in the least bit crafty and I do not have a hobby. Unless drinking wine is a hobby. However, I wanted to include this as I know a lot of people find relaxation in knitting, sewing, drawing, baking or attempting something they've seen on Pinterest. Now is the perfect time of year for indoor hobbies so go for it. 

8. Makeup. This is the time of year I love makeup the most. I have to be careful what I use as a lot of ingredients irritate my sensitive skin, especially at this time of year. Whatever your skin type, you can find the right products to fake the glow until spring. My two new loves are EMM and Zao, I don't know how I got through winter without them. 

x Harriet 

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