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Ingredient Focus: Rose

Posted by Harriet Shackleton on

Rose Water and Rose Oil have so many skin-care benefits that Roses top the list of some of the most valuable flowers on the planet when it comes to skincare.

Rose Natural Beauty

Rose is enormously hydrating; the oil within the flower keeps the delicate petals from drying out and it works in the same way to lock moisture within your skin cells.  

Rose is also anti-inflammatory and one of the best ingredients for ultra-sensitive skin. Redness from rosacea, broken capillaries, eczema and other forms of inflammation is aided by the soothing properties of Rose. When treated with high quality Rose Oil or Rose Water, hot and inflamed skin will feel instantly cool and calm. Regular use has even been known to strengthen vein walls and heal tiny spider veins.

Try the Nourishing Rose Day Cream from Organic Surge to naturally calm redness.  

Nourishing Rose Day Cream          

Due to its high levels of vitamin A and C, Rose Oil helps to speed up cell regeneration, meaning that the appearance of damaged cells such as fine lines and hyper pigmentation are improved by regular use.

Rosehips (the fruit of the rose plant) are particularly high in vitamin c. The beautiful Thirsty Work Ultra-Hydrating Anti-Ageing Moisturiser from Angela Langford is formulated with Rosehip, raspberry & chia seed to protect your skin from future damage. Vitamins A & C are blended with Q10 & arctic blackcurrants to repel wrinkles, whilst hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated. 

Rose is naturally astringent and anti-bacterial. It is one of the most gentle but effective ways to remove spot and acne-causing bacteria. Its astringent properties also help to tighten pores and prepare the skin for makeup, without drying the skin like alcohol-based toners. 

The beautifully fragrant Rose Mist is made by the experts at Skin & Tonic London using pure organic flower water, which is extracted from Roses grown and distilled high in the French Alps. Delicately blended with Aloe and Glycerin, it soothes, cools and hydrates tired skin.

Rose is also a fresh pretty makeup colour for summer. Nail varnish, blusher and lipstick in rose tones will suit most skin tones and are perfect to go with summer party outfits!  
Rose Blush from English Mineral Makeup   Organic Rose Lipstick  
Rose is widely used in aromatherapy to calm anxiety. The fragrance invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope. 

Try our Wild Rose collection from Compagnie De Provence for the ultimate relaxing and uplifting treat.

Shop our natural and organic Rose beauty collection here

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